Domestic violence, which is also recognized as family violence, happens when someone utilizes manipulation or violence to control someone that they are close to and maintain power. Usually, it involves threats, intimidation, violence, psychological manipulation, or insults. Anyone can find themselves in an abusive relationship, such as a family member, an ex-partner or the current partner, a guardian, and more. To be more knowledgeable about this matter, here are some of the different types of abuse that are associated with this act of violence, which is punishable by law.? 

Verbal abuse 

Verbal abuse includes yelling, humiliation, name-calling, insults, intimidation, threats, and verbal attacks. The common themes are usually related to ability as a parent, intelligence, sexuality, body, shape, etc.? 

Emotional or psychological abuse 

Ignoring or blaming the person, treating the individual as an inferior, suicide threats, emotional blackmail, questioning their sense of reality, and saying that they have inappropriate behavior are all signs that go under the category of physical or emotional abuse. Moreover, the abuser might also follow, spy on, or stalk the person, such as monitoring phone calls and emails using GPS tracking.? 

Financial abuse 

Financial abuse happens when the perpetrator mostly controls the finances of the family, like limiting access to pensions, wages, or accounts, giving a minimal allowance, theft, sabotaging interviews, preventing the person from working, and hiding assets. 


Usually, neglect happens once you fail to meet the basic psychological or physical needs of an individual who you are taking care of, like a child. This might include failing to keep them from danger or physical harm or preventing them from having medical care.? 

Social isolation 

Isolating the victim from their friends and family. Some of the indicators of social isolation are when the abuser is preventing or forbidding the victims from contacting the people close to them and when they show rudeness to the victim’s friends and family. The perpetrator might eventually start insisting the person move far away from employment opportunities or family support.? 

Sexual Abuse 

This kind of abuse usually involves any type of forced or unwanted sexual activity, which is known as rape. Moreover, other signs of verbal abuse are when they give you sexual insults and threats, refusing to wear a condom, or restricting access to contraception.? 

Child abuse 

Child abuse happens when the child is sexually or physically abused, emotionally or verbally abused, or neglected.? 

Physical abuse 

Physical abuse refers to a direct body assault, like pushing, shaking, kicking, punching, slapping, or strangulation, which may include the use of harmful objects and weapons. Throwing objects, the destruction of property, and the denial of food can also be filed under physical abuse.? 

Spiritual abuse 

Spiritual abuse happens when the perpetrator ridicules the culture and the religious beliefs of the person or keeping them from being a member of a cultural or religious group.? 

Elder abuse 

Signs of elder abuse are just similar to child abuse listed above. However, elderly people are involved.? 

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