There is more to it than just having a neat and tidy closet, and this is something that most of us overlook. Do you know that a tidy home enables one to function well, and it potentially reduces the risk of depression? Moreover, when your cabinets and closets are organized, this creates a positive impression from the visitors and might even increase the house’s value for future reselling.  

Handyman Fremantle is a professional company that delivers house design ideas and services for anyone who needs assistance in their home maintenance or design. To help you think of innovative ideas for your closet, we list six designs you need to try: 

  1. Do not just settle for a regular closet door – pick a door that is functional. Firstly, consider the kind of closet you have in your house and decisively pick a door that does not just add to the aesthetic element but also to the functionality. For instance, opt for a French door and replace your bi-fold door that always gets caught on the slide. In this way, you will be choosing a more functional and aesthetic one. Also, try the reach-in or walk-in closet doors and see for yourself the convenience they give. 
  1. Set up a chair or stool – whether you decide to have a walk-in closet or a small reach-in closet, consider having a chair or stool which you can grab when needed or tuck away when not. Some homeowners also opt for a larger bench for their big walk-in closet. 
  1. Add some lights – lighting can contribute too much to aesthetics, but make sure that you choose the right lighting. Choose small LED lights because they are easy to install and very lightweight. They are also easy to find and very cheap. LED lights are effective in illuminating the sides of the cabinet, highlighting the beauty of the closet corners. 
  1. Have some sliding hangers – sliding hangers allow you to efficiently make use of the space in your closet and make it more functional. They are also more convenient than the regular closet as you can stow them away when not needed. Homeowners who have small space find this very helpful and efficient. So, try this if you have some limited space. 
  1. Have some drawers – closets oftentimes have drawers in them, but what we are telling you is to have more drawers as needed. Drawers allow you to organize things and materials that cannot be hanged or nonclothing materials. They also add some element in the aesthetic of the closest. 
  1. Install a mirror – mirrors add a great deal of convenience to your life, especially when built in your closets. So, try to have a full-length mirror attached to your closet. However, if you do not like the creepy feeling it brings in the middle of the night, try putting it on the side of the closet where you can securely tuck it away. 

Final Thoughts  

It is important that you take your options seriously. Call and listen to the advice of your trusted company when deciding. They know the best fit considering your needs and wants.